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cPanel: Backup data from your webhotel
Posted by Dag Frode Aasnes, Last modified by Dag Frode Aasnes on 15 September 2011 08:46 AM

This guide shows how you can make backup / safety copies of data from your cPanel.

Step 1:
Click on the icon "Backup" as shown in the screenshot below:

Cpanel: backup

Step 2:
There are several ways to back up on but here we are going to show the simplest method.

Click the "Download or Generate a Full Backup" to make a complete backup of all data, including your databases on your web space.
Cpanel: backup

Step 3:
Select the "Home Directory" only to back up your files in your home folder on your web space.

In the "Database" (If you have databases) select the name of the database you want to backup to backup only the current database.

In the "Forward" or "Filters", click on the sub domain or filter you wish to backup. If you choose such as clicking on a subdomain, only the files under this subdomain included in the backup.


In the "Backup Destination", select the destination where the backup will be saved. We have in this example, selected "Home Directory" and then your backup will be stored directly in the home folder of the account.

Enter an email address in the "Email Address" to get information from cPanel regarding the backup.
cPanel will automatically send an e-mail to this address when the backup is finished stored on the appropriate destination. We have chosen this example, e-mail address ""

Click on the "Generate Backup" to start the full backup of all data on your web space.

Step 4:

The backup is now underway. It may take some time before the backup is completed depending on how much data inngåri backup. Click on the link "Go Back" to return.

Step 5:

When the backup is complete, there will be a new file with a green check mark flag. Click on your newly generete backup and download it to your local PC (it's always smart to have local copies).


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